Monday, 17 November 2008

Google Ambush - Top Google Rankings With Google Ambush!

Google Ambush is the latest in a groundbreaking set of software collections focused around Google AdWords and Clickbank. The Google Ambush package which include top notch Keyword Trackers, Clickbank product search tools (That let you identify the hottest rising products before they hit the big time) and automated landing page creators make this a fantastic webmaster tool.

Now to the upsides and downsides, the product is billed monthly, but then again they can do this instead of charging you a massive lump sum because they are certain that you will continue to use the product past the first month!

Google m is good for the intermediate, if you are advanced enough then you wil probably have all this down to pat and do it as part of your day to day routine, albiet it may take you an hour or two longer ech day. Beginners may find this product a little too comprehensive and find themselves a little bit lost at sea.

For intermediate users however this product contains a wide set of webmaster tools, intuative interface and a step by step guide to finding, building and promoting a profitable clickbank PPC website. This doesn't always sound like much, but any experienced webmaster will tell you that a set of tools like Google Ambush are invaluable to anyone who is looking to build up a successful career as a Clickbank marketer.

If you wish to buy or trial Google Ambush you can take a look on the Google Ambush Sales Page Which also provides indepth testimonials, reviews and features of the fantastic set of webmaster tools available in Google Ambush, the top product for making big bucks off Clickbank through PPC advertising!